Title Agency Taps Software to Help Lenders Meet TILA Changes

September 15, 2009

Rhode Island-based Linear Title & Closing announced it will utilize Nexgen Compliance Solutions’ TitleHound software technology to help lenders meet new Truth In Lending requirements.

TitleHound is a title insurance rate engine that searches and electronically delivers the lowest available rates to provide lenders with up front access to settlement fees, mortgage taxes and recording fees, and assist with new borrower disclosure regulations. Borrowers benefit by having accurately quoted settlement fees when they submit mortgage applications.

Pursuant to the agreement, Linear Title is licensing NexGen's TitleHound technology to maximize efficiency and compliance and provide a needed solution for lenders facing the challenges of the new Mortgage Information Disclosure Act (MDIA) as TitleHound produces a Settlement Fee Certification. The new changes presented by the MDIA expand the scope of Truth in Lending disclosures for mortgage transactions to include refinances and mortgage loans on all dwellings in addition to the disclosures already required for purchase and initial construction loans.

Revised disclosures are required if the annual percentage rate (APR) changes by one eighth percent or more during the loan process. Because of this regulation, lenders must delay closings for three additional days while waiting for borrowers to receive the revisions. NexGen's TitleHound provides lenders with all required information delivered electronically by the title agent, thereby shaving days off the closing process.

"Accelerating the closing process in a compliant manner is a benefit to both lenders and borrowers," said Nick Liuzza, CEO of Linear Title. "For lenders, it locks in interest rates, discourages borrowers from switching to another lender and generates interest sooner. By delivering all title fees, premiums and government charges up front electronically, borrowers can close their loans earlier while taking advantage of the lowest prices."

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