Landata Technologies, Inc. Announces Launch of New eRecording, Document Management Software, Landata eClipse

July 14, 2008

Landata Technologies, Inc. (LTI) a leading eRecording and document management software and services provider, today announced the launch of their new product, Landata’s eClipse™. This new document management system is an all-in-one platform supporting recordation of real estate, court, vital records and miscellaneous documents.

Integrated with the latest eRecording technology, eClipse includes a multi-user examination module used to review real estate and court eRecording packages at the courthouse, as well as a sophisticated redaction capability supporting interactive and batch processing. Landata’s eClipse™ is built around a multiple device interface (MDI) that supports a host of features. A single login provides access to multiple module applications such as the examination, cashiering, electronic recording, imaging, indexing and public access modules to list a few.

“This software provides significant functionality to improve every aspect of the work process in the county clerk’s office," stated Alan Cellura, president of LTI.

Source: Landata Technologies, Inc.

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