Titledge Group Acquires myClosingSPACE.com

April 2, 2008

HILLSIDE, N.J)--MyClosingSPACE.com, the online title insurance and closing services company has just been acquired by Titledge Holding Company, parent of the Titledge Group of Companies. MyClosingSPACE.com joins a group of title insurance services companies, noted for their innovation. These include Titledge Insurance Company of NY, Titledge Technology and Titledge Production Services.

The move, which is effective immediately, allows myClosingSPACE.com to use Titledge Technology’s innovative back-end technology and Titledge Production Services facilities to further expand its nationwide platform of online access, responsive customer service and clear, upfront pricing. Titledge Insurance Company of NY provides myClosingSPACE.com with a consumer focused underwriter.

Jonathan Boxman, Chairman of The Titledge Group, and myClosingSPACE.com president, Gregory Schmidt, made the announcement last week. Both explained the acquisition is the natural marriage of two title innovators. “With Titledge’s dedicated production and technology service operations, we can now keep everything in-house. It’s consistent with our mission to providing transparent operations,” stated Schmidt.

“MyClosingSPACE is providing a template for change in the title industry,” adds Boxman. “We love their transparency, innovation, and customer responsiveness. We think Titledge will only make myClosingSPACE even more successful.”

Source: myClosingSPACE.com

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