GMD and ASC Build an Interface to offer Lenders Documents Through PowerLend

April 1, 2008

Guardian Mortgage Documents (GMD) announced at the MBA National Technology in Mortgage Banking conference that it is building an interface with Associated Software Consultants (ASC) s PowerLender loan origination system to offer more document flexibility to its lender clients.

ASC s PowerLender allows infinite flexibility in workflow, configuration and available services.

The catalyst for the relationship between ASC and GMD is based on requests from two large U.S.banks for full integration options that provide flexibility in customizing solution deployment.

Developed to support the MISMO 2.4 closing data set, the full interface will enable PowerLender users to seamlessly pass all required data to GMD for the creation of closing documents, thus eliminating the re-keying of any loan information. "Developing a relationship with ASC will go a long way in empowering clients with a high level of customization capabilities which drive efficiencies from the point of sale through back office operations," said Tim Anschutz, vice president of marketing at GMD.

Anschutz added, "The interface to PowerLender is being developed to support all residential lending products, including FHA products which are experiencing renewed interest." There are four key benefits that lenders wanted in the development of the full interface with GMD, which will allow ASC to offer immediate and long-term efficiencies to their lender customers. "Our full interface with GMD offers lenders a higher level of customization capability that is not available through other doc prep services," said Tim Liston, president of ASC.

One of the largest benefits for ASC PowerLender LOS users is its use of the Java platform.

This allows it to move across multiple operating systems and fit a different profile than other LOSs, which tend to be Windows-centric.

"This positions us very well for the future," John Liston said.

"We are trying to make sure our users are able to make technology choices that work with them in the longer term.

Source: ASC Associated Software Consultants, Inc.

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