DocuTech and Gallagher Partner to Improve eDoc Services Companies integrate NetOxygen and ConformX

March 19, 2008

DALLAS-- DocuTech and South Miami, Fla.-based Gallagher Financial Systems, Inc. (GFS), announced at the Mortgage Banker’s Association National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference & Expo that the companies have signed a contract which will integrate DocuTech’s Web-based document solution, ConformX™ with GFS’s NetOxygen loan origination software (LOS).

GFS is one of the nation's largest residential LOS providers. Its NetOxygen system allows lenders to work with a rules-based, service-oriented platform that provides automated calculations and auditing capabilities throughout the life of the loan. Since ConformX and NetOxygen are fully Web-enabled, users will be able to access loan data and documents from any computer with an Internet connection, enabling lenders to work with traditional paper mortgages, paperless mortgages and e-signed mortgages. ConformX is also compatible with Category 1 SMART Documents and eSigned PDF documents.

“NetOxygen’s lenders are leading the pack in embracing Web-based and electronic mortgage technology,” said GFS president Chris Anderson. “Our alliance with DocuTech will give our customers the ability to streamline the compliance process and quickly generate all the documents they need – from RESPA disclosures to closing documents – through their Web browser. ConformX also supports eMortgages, allowing our lenders to reduce overhead by reducing the amount of paper that has to be printed, filed, transported and stored.”

The combined services will provide NetOxygen customers with document services that reduce loan-processing time by automatically generating compliant state and federal documents. In addition to closing documents, lenders will also have access to initial disclosures and processing documents. DocuTech’s ConformX will also enable NetOxygen customers to transfer data from mortgage documents into electronic forms for reporting and filing.

ConformX is backed by DocuTech’s document compliance staff, which guarantees that all mortgage document packages are accurate and complete. By reducing the need for compliance staff to research document requirements, lenders are given the flexibility to quickly offer new products and keep up with rapidly changing state and federal compliance requirements.

“DocuTech is more than just technology for paper loan documents,” said Monte Larsen, DocuTech’s chief marketing officer. “ConformX gives NetOxygen users the benefit of our fully-staffed compliance department and a streamlined interface that works completely within the LOS.”

Source: DocuTech / Gallagher Financial Systems, Inc.

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