Stewart Launches Innovative Approach to Closing Loans

March 17, 2008

Stewart announced the launch of their new TouchSign™ technology, which converts the traditional closing table from pen and paper to digital documents and touch screens. The Touch-to-Close™ solution will begin deploying through Stewart’s extensive network of offices and agencies this month.

Stewart’s TouchSign solution allows consumers to perform the real estate closing simply by the touching of a finger to the computer screen in compliance with applicable regulations. Consumers are able to navigate through their closing documents by tapping the TouchSign screens to provide their consent and signature for closing documents.

“The TouchSign closing process provides the ultimate closing experience for the consumer,” said Jason Nadeau, senior vice president Stewart eMortgage Solutions, a division of PropertyInfo Corporation, a Stewart company. “Even consumers who are not familiar with a keyboard or a mouse are able to quickly and easily close their transactions. In addition, closings using this platform are accomplished in 20 minutes or less.”

The TouchSign kiosk is designed to work with Stewart’s eClosingRoom™ technology, incorporating the company's patent-pending process for the electronic closing of a real estate transaction. Through this solution consumers are able to accept and review documents over the Internet. At the closing table the consumer simply touches the screen to move through and sign documents. The touch screen-based solution is designed to accommodate all consumers regardless of their experience with a computer or any physical impairment that may make reading documents or signing a difficult task.

“Moving to electronic closings is not simply a technology implementation,” said Stewart Morris Jr., president and co-chief executive officer of Stewart Information Services Corp. and chairman of PropertyInfo Corp. “We cannot forget that the closing of a transaction is a stressful and significant experience for the consumer, and the consumer experience must be preserved. The new TouchSign solution helps to eliminate a great deal of stress.”

“At Stewart Title, we are dedicated to providing the consumer with the highest level of service and quality, whether it’s a paper or electronic closing,” Morris continues. “Our newest approach to electronic closings vastly improves the experience for all consumers.”

Source: Stewart eMortgage Solutions

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