First American Global Offshore Services Partners With Graystone Solutions, Inc. to Offer Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

February 8, 2008

DALLAS, First American Global Offshore Services and Graystone Solutions, Inc., have formed a strategic partnership to offer First American's MortgageBPO(SM) solutions via Graystone's custom MortgageServ-based solutions.

Through this partnership, Graystone clients have direct access to First American's global business process outsourcing solutions, bringing opportunities to reduce cost and improve efficiency for each step of the servicing and default cycles through the MortgageServ platform. Graystone's custom MortgageServ solutions allow lenders and servicers to automate all loan servicing processes from a single browser-based real-time platform.

"By offering MortgageBPO in conjunction with the MortgageServ platform, Graystone's clients now have expanded choices to tap into the benefits of First American's global offshore capabilities," said Scott Brinkley, executive vice president of First American's Global Offshore Services group. "Graystone provides a much-needed suite of specialty servicing solutions and has forged strong relationships with servicers throughout the nation. First American is pleased to extend our services to this expanded market."

MortgageBPO is part of First American's overall global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service offerings and aggregates the international expertise developed across core First American companies to offer flexible and comprehensive outsourcing solutions to originators, servicers, default managers, insurers and investors.

"Partnering with First American opens a number of opportunities to improve products, services and operational efficiencies for our respective clients, thus enabling them to maintain their competitive edge in today's global marketplace," said Emile Coulon, chief executive officer of Graystone Solutions.

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