Lake County, Illinois Joins eRecording Network

January 29, 2008

Lake County, Illinois is now electronically recording (eRecording) land record documents such as satisfactions, mortgages, and reconveyances submitted by title companies, banks, and attorneys to the Recorder’s Office through the Simplifile eRecording Service.

eRecording is the process of submitting, receiving, and processing, via a secure Internet site, documents for recording that have traditionally been delivered to the county for recording by runner, express mail, or courier service. eRecording offers customers the ability to simplify and accelerate all aspects of the recording process, dramatically shortening the Gap and improving auditability.

“The Lake County Recorder’s Office is pleased to work with Cott Systems and Simplifile to provide eRecording services to our clients,” said Recorder of Deeds, Mary Ellen Vanderventer. According to Vanderventer, “We are continually evaluating ways to improve the quality of our services, and believe that eRecording enables us to more efficiently record documents, eliminate document filing errors, and actually increase document security—while at the same time, work with our private sector partners, like Cott and Simplifile, to improve turn-around times and increase efficiencies. eRecording customers will now have the ability to record and track the status of documents from the convenience of their offices, using a standard Web browser.”

“120 years of experience in land and court records management has positioned Cott Systems to provide an array of software and services solutions to bring automation and efficiency to various processes involved in the workflow of the County Recorders office,” said Gary Ross, Cott Systems President. “Our eRecording alliance with Simplifile provides Lake County and their constituents with innovative eRecording services that automate and accelerate recording workflow, and both streamline and improve the quality of services provided by the Recorder’s Office.”

First American Equity Loan Services is the first customer to electronically record documents through Simplifile with Lake County. According to Karl Trottnow, National eRecording Manager, “First American Equity Loan Services is pleased to be the first to electronically record a document in Lake County. The use of technology to make the recording process more streamlined and efficient is in line with our strategy. We support eRecording and its expansion throughout the country.”

More than a mere trend in land record document submission, eRecording is a government priority. Federal (ESIGN) and state legislation (UETA, URPERA) have established the legal basis for secure electronic recording, and dozens of states and counties are already eRecording today.

"Simplifile is thrilled to provide industry-leading eRecording services to the Lake County Recorder’s Office and their customers. By implementing eRecording, Recorder of Deeds, Mary Ellen Vanderventer, and her staff are taking proven steps to make the land record submission and recording process easier, more secure and cost-effective through the use of technology,” said Paul Clifford, President of Simplifile. “Based on our experience deploying eRecording solutions in counties nationwide—including counties in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and a number of other states—companies doing business with the Recorder’s Office will enjoy significant cost savings, productivity gains and enhanced filing and recording services by eRecording with Simplifile.” .

Source: Simplifile

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