eLynx Introduces expedite ™

October 16, 2007

CINCINNATI - eLynx, a portfolio company of S&P 500 member American Capital Strategies Ltd.and provider of most widely used secure electronic document communications network for the financial services industry, announced the integration of its wide variety of electronic services into expedite - a unified e-business platform. The result of a continual commitment to enhancing eLynx services based on real-world lessons learned in multiple industries - including 65% of all U.S. mortgage closings - expedite provides organizations with adaptable tools to accelerate their businesses and to do more with less.

Under the expedite umbrella, users gain access to the full scale of eLynx's secure electronic document services. Best-of-breed electronic document management and secure delivery are seamlessly integrated with eSignature solutions. Integrated electronic faxing and print-on-demand components provide a total fulfillment solution which bridges gaps between electronic and paper processes. Electronic folders along with detailed document and activity tracking give customers control over document-related processes, providing significant opportunities for process re-engineering and improvement. Flexible expedite deployment options allow customers to adopt services at their own pace, with proven scalability ensuring they will not outgrow the capabilities or capacity of eLynx. Plus, expedite's capacity-on-demand and pay-per-use fee structure lets users reduce costs but still retain the confidence that critical capabilities will be there when needed.

Adaptable to the specifics of a variety of scenarios, expedite can be deployed swiftly to accelerate many different business processes. In the mortgage sector, expedite brings greater speed and accuracy to the entire process, from initial disclosures to closing, while insurance carriers benefit from quicker agent consent and policyholder communications. Users can be up and running swiftly, with minimal effort and investment. Whatever the industry application, expedite services streamline business processes and boost performance to give users the upper-hand, allowing them to capture customers ahead of the competition and quickly implement new capabilities.

"Since the merger of eLynx and SwiftView, we've been working to bring a seamless fusion of the companies' combined capabilities," says Sharon Matthews, president and CEO of eLynx. "expedite is the fruition of that goal, and marks an exciting new way forward for the large community of eLynx users. It's a flexible solution that fits seamlessly into our clients' existing and evolving processes to help them clear the hurdles to efficient business. expedite adds rich capabilities to their operations without expensive or involved migration to new systems, allowing them to work within existing budgets. By having access to the full range of eLynx technology from one common platform, clients can reduce complexity and focus on providing a better, more consistent customer experience across all of their lines of business."

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Source: eLynx

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