TSS Addresses Critical Business Continuity Needs

September 13, 2007

Annapolis, MD - Within the compass of enterprise systems support, TSS management has set a goal of zero business tolerance for information systems downtime and therefore, has made a significant investment in risk management. In addition to testing, validation, and updating internal BC/DR procedures, the company has established a long-term strategic relationship with first-rate IT services provider IBM and its Business Continuity and Resiliency Services (BCRS) unit. TSS's in-house efforts are advanced through contractual provisions intended to keep critical systems, applications, and networks up and running despite disruptive events.

TSS has put into place BC/DR processes as protection against unplanned outages, whether a minor outage or major disaster. In the instance of a major disaster, TSS's partnership with IBM provides the means for physical workplace recovery at an altenative facility and includes everything needed to function in an emergency situation-ability to connect to applications, data and people-until normal operations are restored. Within 24 hours of a declaration of disaster, TSS can literally "go on the road," moving operations to provide customer support from one of 19 facilities across the nation, a facility complete with workstations, servers, Internet capability, phones, networks, and applications in place. To facilitate an emergency relocation, IBM staffs for technical support on a 24/7 basis all year long. The scenario is tested fully by initiating a mock disaster whereby TSS operations are moved and its entire information technology environment set up in an IBM-secured facility.

"Our customers trust us to manage their highly sensitive, critical information. We take both business continuity and disaster recovery planning seriously and have invested in a proactive approach to protect our customers' ability to remain operational. It's part of the way TSS does business now, every day," said Robert D. Miller, TSS Chief Executive Officer.

Source: TSS Software Corporation

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