Mortgage Banking Veterans Launch New Firm -- Agire Mortgage Promise Solution-Oriented, Customer-Centric Mortgage Banking Experience

June 26, 2007

ORANGE, CA -- Agire Mortgage Corporation officially opened its doors for business on May 1, 2007, with a vision focused on using technology to simplify the loan origination process, while delivering high quality products to their customers and investors. Agire delivers value and efficiency to its partners, mortgage brokers and their clients with a data driven, paperless process.

Agire Mortgage built its origination process around the utilization of new and existing technologies designed to deliver a more efficient and cost-effective experience. Agire's Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology platform delivers increased flexibility and allows them to maneuver quickly in an ever-changing and dynamic marketplace. The SOA platform, combined with streamlined approval processes, allows Agire to quickly evaluate each application, render a decision, and effectively execute the loan on behalf of the broker and the consumer.

In an origination market currently experiencing a dislocation and reevaluation of guidelines, Agire believes the timing is just right for a company taking full advantage of the latest technologies and processes to enter the marketplace. "Our technology enables us to address the industry-wide need for a renewed focus on the customer and uniquely positions us for success," said founder Robin Cook-Auerbach. "Our online Broker Portal and Automated Underwriting System deliver fast and accurate information while keeping the Broker and our internal sales force updated with real-time statuses. These systems and processes allow us to deliver the quality mortgage products the market has long been seeking, that investors can have confidence in and at a lower cost to produce."

Agire Mortgage Corporation was founded by Robin Cook-Auerbach in October 2006. Prior to founding Agire, Mrs. Cook-Auerbach served as Chief Operating Officer at New Century Mortgage in Irvine, CA. She left New Century in February of 2006. In addition to Cook-Auerbach (President & CEO), the firm's Executive Management Team includes Tony Vigna (SVP, CIO), Ron Harrison (EVP, National Sales) and Doug Speaker (SVP, Vendor Relations) -- a group with extensive mortgage banking experience gained from working at some of the industry's largest firms.

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