B-D-R Title Helps Bring Russian Teen Home

May 14, 2007

Melbourne, Fla. -- B-D-R Title Corporation, the wholly owned title subsidiary of Mercedes Homes, is making a difference in one family’s life far from their Melbourne headquarters. With the help of B-D-R Title, Ohioans Brian and Sarah Fowler will soon reunite their adopted daughter, Olga, with her 15-year-old sister, Masha.

Nearly two years ago, the Fowler’s adopted nine-year-old Olga from an orphanage in Russia. Olga’s older sister, Masha, stayed behind. Olga and Masha’s parents had both died when the girls were young, so the sisters were forced to grow up in Russian orphanages. When the Fowler’s learned that orphans were forced to leave their orphanages at the age of 16, the family began the long and expensive process of trying to adopt Masha before her 16th birthday.

Mark Workman, President of B-D-R Title and an adoptive parent himself, heard of this situation from a family friend and neighbor of the Fowler’s, and immediately began to support the effort. Having adopted children before, Workman knew the financial constraints involved with the process and wanted to do everything he could to help. While his support had been personal, he shared the story with some of his co-workers and the B-D-R Title team decided to step up to help bring Masha home to the Fowler family. During every holiday season, the team members of B-D-R Title chip in to purchase a gift for Workman. This past December, the group pooled their money and donated all of it to the effort to help the Fowler’s adopt Masha.

This month, the Fowler’s will be able to bring her home to Ohio.

“I’m amazed and pleased at how involved B-D-R Title has become in helping to bring Masha to the United States,” said Workman. “Mercedes Homes and B-D-R Title constantly strive to help families in need, and in this particular instance, we’ve helped to improve the lives of the entire Fowler family.”

Source: B-D-R Title Corporation

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