TSS Software Corporation’s Hosted Solutions: Smart Choice in a Challenging Market

April 17, 2007

Annapolis, MD -- TSS Software Corporation, a national independent provider of settlement services software, is finding its Hosted Solutions service filling a data management need in the title and settlement services industry. Title and settlement services firms, large and small, are realizing cost-savings and efficiencies—both valued in the current real estate market period of “adjustment.”

Hosted Solutions, launched in October 2006, offers title agencies an alternative to traditional local or wide area networks by making off-site, Web-based hosting available to users of TSS’s suite of title, settlement, and abstracting software products, including its popular TitleExpress production platform.

Hosted Solutions customers realize savings from costs that are typically generated with the setup and maintenance of an on-site network. The service’s multiple levels of redundancy protect against network failure; and sophisticated encryption and powerful firewalls protect customers’ vital data.

The scalability feature appeals to growing companies such as Axis Abstracts with offices in Delaware and Pennsylvania. David Cardner, owner and attorney, said this feature will allow his firm to easily add user seats over time to accommodate his company’s expected expansion.

“It’s too much for us to manage our own systems,” said Cardner, “TSS does everything for us. Our data are stored in an off-site location with restricted-access buildings and rooms. It’s more secure than our office locations. We couldn’t put that kind of security into place without a large expenditure.”

Kim Gavlin, president and owner of KG Title, Inc. located in Ellicott City, MD, was glad to hand over systems management to TSS. “In a small operation like ours, it puts too much pressure on one user. If that person is not available for some reason, it creates a problem. TSS’s response for support has been good.”

In addition, Harris said off-site hosting has helped to eliminate unscheduled downtime. “We’re in Florida with the threat of hurricanes. We’re far more comfortable with our data stored at a safe site out of state. We can also work from anywhere at any time of day with an Internet connection, including from home.”

TSS promises quick and trouble-free deployment of Hosted Solutions. Cardner commented, “Getting the service installed was relatively simple. Everything went smoothly. The folks at TSS have been great to work with. They’re a good outfit.”

According to Harris, “It took us a long time to decide what to do, but now that we have the service, we’re glad we went that way. We had very few problems with installation because of the pre-work TSS did. They also walked each of our users through signing on and checked each user’s peripheral connections. They were patient and diligent. We trust them. I can’t think of anything bad to say about the service or TSS.”

Source: TSS Software Corporation

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