New 2007 Swanepoel TRENDS Report Offers Brokers Guidance in an Evolving Market

April 9, 2007

The residential real estate brokerage industry appears to be about half way through a 10 -15 year industry transition – one that is creating confusion and frustration, but above all, huge opportunities. What is certain, in this turbulent environment, is that opportunity is coming to those who react appropriately to the trends that affect it.

“If Brokerages, Realtors and Realtor Associations are to remain relevant and effective, they must clearly understand the changing real estate environment and the new, evolving real estate business models,” states Stefan Swanepoel, author of the 2007 Swanepoel TRENDS Report. Real estate professionals extol the annual report as the leading compendium of real estate strategic knowledge. Researchers behind the comprehensive piece carefully monitor the changes, business models and trends that affect the residential real estate industry.

According the report, real estate professionals will “certainly survive as the primary link between Americans and the American dream,” despite the industry’s constant evolution. The advent of the Internet, Web 2.0 and other innovations require real estate professionals to don on a more automated and consultative role. As a result, their concerns must shift from just closing the deal to becoming more consumer-centric and market savvy than ever before. “Smart brokers and agents will research every market and model, every nook and cranny, every book and course – searching for that one idea that will spark a new direction, a new strategy, a new method or a new service that will lead to improved achievement,” Swanepoel stresses.

Real estate brokers and associations applaud the 2007 Swanepoel TRENDS Report as the source for those ideas. “I keep a copy on my desk which I utilize often and share with my

leadership, members and staff. I also use excerpts in my presentations regarding new business models, the changing consumer and the Internet's impact on the industry,” reveals Bob Hale, CEO of the Houston Association of REALTORS. Swanepoel stresses that brokers cannot afford to go uninformed in an evolving marketplace. “Never has the industry experienced so much change,” he states. “What was important last year, or last month for that matter, may not be relevant today. Those that understand the trends are the ones that are going to win.”

The 2007 Swanepoel TRENDS Report dissects the top 10 trends that shape the real estate brokerage industry. For more information visit

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