InWare™ Announces Integration With RamQuest’s Software Solution

February 14, 2007

InWare™, an enterprising technology solutions provider, announced the development of an integration between InTitle™, its flagship real estate software, and RamQuest’s FileScan Plus!™, a component of the company’s Complete Closing Enterprise™ title production solution.

InTitle’s customizable software allows title companies using FileScan Plus! to furnish closing documents to their customers in the form of a compact CD-ROM instead of the traditionally bulky pile of paper. In the process, title professionals can customize the appearance of the CD contents with their company’s logo, slogan and other graphics that serve as post-transaction marketing.

In addition to InWare’s stand-alone Universal version, the company continues to release versions of InTitle that are tightly integrated with some of the nation’s largest title and closing production platforms. RamQuest Software is a well-known, national provider of technology solutions for the land title industry. FileScan Plus! is the imaging and document management component of the RamQuest Software Solution for title production.

With the integration, InTitle gathers the required closing documents electronically from a user’s Complete Closing database, extracting buyer and seller information to populate fields programmed to appear on the CD-ROM. There is no additional scanning, data entry, or re-keying required. The title agency user can choose the documents to be included, add miscellaneous documents from a network or user drive, and burn them to CD. There are no printing costs, and the CD-burning capability is included in the program. A preview feature permits users to view the contents and make corrections before final transfer to CD.

Andrew Rennell, InWare’s President and Founder said that because InTitle significantly reduces the costs associated with hard copy closings, “It’s a timely product in the current softening market. Agents are looking for ways to reduce expenses.”

Beyond reducing production costs, InWare has creatively turned the necessary task of closing document delivery into a means of generating new consumer business and increasing repeat business. Title companies who use this post-transaction marketing to stay in front of the consumer can also drive business by taking advantage of co-branding opportunities for their industry partners, such as Realtors, lenders, and attorneys.

“We’re excited about this opportunity,” Rennell stated. “RamQuest users who take advantage of the integration with InTitle will be able to deliver documents cost-effectively and efficiently and market their businesses at the same time. A title agency’s marketing message packaged electronically with consumer closing documents has a long-lasting shelf life and great potential to generate a steady stream of referrals.”

Customizable templates allow users to easily change the look and feel of the final CD without incurring any of the development costs. Once a template design is created, subsequent updates or modifications are simple to do. Users can pick colors, images, background music and add a custom narration. Company and partner logos and contact information are prominently displayed throughout the CD. Tabbed organization allows helpful information tailored to the consumer to be included. For example, based on a home buyer’s new address, InTitle automatically provides contact information for and creates links to local area resources and community services

Source: InWare™

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