SigniaDocs Releases Innovative Mortgage Servicing Solution

January 29, 2007

SigniaDocs, Inc., a service provider of compliance technology and solutions for mortgage document preparation, announced the release of its fourth-generation document preparation system, Signet Direct. The product of more than three years of research and development, Signet Direct provides an innovative way to process all loan data at the origination stage, and then view, print and deliver documents in a digital format. The company assures reliability and offers guaranteed compliance.

SigniaDocs' web-based, XML supported solution is built on the latest technology and incorporates industry-best practices for digital signatures, SMART docs and regulatory compliance. Signet Direct seamlessly integrates with other mortgage solutions, including Calyx Point, Data Trak, Byte, Empower and Emcompass, to automate the loan process from origination to closing. This significantly reduces input time and further promotes accuracy. By using SMART docs technology, clients can easily transfer data to an HTML format, making documents accessible on the Web.

"We provide our clients with the latest technology to electronically process loan data as well as the ability to view and store the loan document," said Paul Anselmo, president and CEO, SigniaDocs. "Not only does this technology set us apart from our competitors, but our dedicated team of top legal professionals with more than 15 years of experience has catapulted SigniaDocs to a leader in the evolutionary shift toward truly electronic mortgages."

In addition to a top legal team, SigniaDocs' maintains a detailed, up-to-date database that is consistently monitored for all legal and regulatory changes throughout the mortgage industry to further assure compliance. Established relationships with major mortgage investors nationwide guarantee all custom mortgage loan products are maintained and compliant at all times.

Strategic partnerships with Brooks Systems and Encomia further enhance the quality of SigniaDocs' solution. Brooks System, a leading provider of compliance technology, allows SigniaDocs to provide a rapid, online response for Truth-In-Lending (TIL) calculations and High-Cost Loan Analysis. In order to provide clients the ability to generate, validate and reserve a Mortgage Identification Number (MIN) with the system, SigniaDocs uses MERS(R), an electronic loan registry created by the real estate finance industry to eliminate assignments when trading mortgage loans. MERS(R) receives all necessary data when SigniaDocs registers a loan, maximizing efficiency. SigniaDocs also established a partnership with Encomia, a leading provider of integrated solutions to electronically consolidate mortgage processes. Encomia technologically assists SigniaDocs to provide e-signature capabilities, allowing the end borrower to seamlessly view and sign the final processed loan in an electronic format.

"With the Signet Direct solution, costs associated with manually processing loans are significantly reduced, saving up to $250 per loan," said Anselmo. "Lenders are able to process loans much quicker, and our communication platform between mortgage companies, buyers, title agencies, appraisers and surveyors increases the efficiency of loan closings."

Source: SigniaDocs, Inc.

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