Stewart Transaction Solutions Enters the Business of Online Forms

January 22, 2007

Stewart Transaction Solutions, Inc. acquired Formulator and key product, WebForms from Realigent on Jan. 4, 2007. Formulator is an innovative online forms provider in the real estate industry. Introduced in 1992, the forms product has evolved from a DOS-based application, to Windows®, and over the past 15 years has matured to the current online Web-based format, WebForms.

"Stewart has been a leader in providing online forms solutions for mortgage lenders since 1995 with its subsidiary Online Documents Inc., and similarly Stewart has deep expertise in online forms for title agents, including its AIM® online title document libraries servicing all 50 states," said Travis Wright, president of Stewart Transaction Solutions. "The acquisition of this realty forms provider is a natural compliment to Stewart's 'expertise' in online forms and document management systems."

Stewart's forms solutions and its SureClose transaction management system are 'open platforms', and are available for integration to non-Stewart online applications, including other transaction management and online forms applications.

Source: Stewart Transaction Solutions, Inc.

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