Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions Signs Enterprise Agreement with RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

September 28, 2005

Jacksonville, Florida -- The Real Estate Solutions division of Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (NYSE:FNF) has completed the first ninety days of its enterprise agreement with RE/MAX Greater Atlanta, a leading real estate brokerage firm in Georgia. As part of this agreement, Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions (FNRES) is focusing its industry expertise and technological resources to help RE/MAX Greater Atlanta boost operational effectiveness and accelerate revenue growth. RE/MAX Greater Atlanta will save an estimated $1.5 million through technology related expense reductions over the course of the agreement.

By providing extensive technology consultation and support, FNRES is helping to ensure that RE/MAX Greater Atlanta is utilizing the best combination of process and technology strategies to strengthen the performance of its current operations and accommodate future needs. As part of this effort, FNRES has assisted with several technology improvements, which include the revamp of RE/MAX Greater Atlanta’s accounting systems, resulting in a 99.99% availability and a fourfold increase of system performance. In addition, FNRES implemented its complete BrokerOfficeTM Suite, which includes broker-branded Web site, individual agent Web sites and Management CenterTM, the company’s proprietary lead management system. Collectively these applications facilitate traffic and lead management within RE/MAX Greater Atlanta’s system.

FNRES also overhauled the brokerage’s existing decentralized office network and created a secure corporate network. Additionally, FNRES consolidated RE/MAX Greater Atlanta’s branch and server architecture into a single data facility, creating a safe, secure and recoverable back office environment. Furthermore, FNRES installed a centralized backup and recovery system for all key systems, enabling all important data to now be backed up with off-site copies.

As a result of the enterprise agreement, RE/MAX Greater Atlanta can rely on FNRES as its single-source solution for a wide variety of products and services, eliminating the need to manage multiple providers. To facilitate this relationship, FNRES has implemented a single point of contact help desk for all of RE/MAX Greater Atlanta’s technology needs, simplifying the support system and reducing the time to gain assistance significantly.

“Implementing an integrated enterprise technology solution is much more challenging than offering individual technology solutions; however, it is well worth the effort,” said Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions EVP and Group Manager Scott Hoen. “The cost savings resulting from increased performance efficiencies are already making a significant positive impact for RE/MAX Greater Atlanta and the resulting benefits will continue to increase as we move forward.”

This enterprise agreement has also enabled RE/MAX Greater Atlanta to reduce its operational expenses by leveraging Fidelity’s National Financial’s buying power to acquire products and services at volume-discounted prices. Currently, the resultant savings for the brokerage is averaging around 15% monthly.

“Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions’ wide range of technology offerings and proven real estate industry expertise combined with a strong customer-centric approach make them the ideal partner for our company,” said Scott Lockhart, Chief Technology Officer of RE/MAX Greater Atlanta. “We look forward to delving into the full range of possibilities associated with this partnership and expect excellent results.”

“Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions’ primary goal is to leverage our technology solutions and extensive industry knowledge to increase revenue and bottom line savings for real estate professionals,” said FNRES Sr. Vice President David Camp. “We welcome this opportunity to team up with RE/MAX Greater Atlanta to ensure they have unparalleled solutions for continued success.”

Source: Fidelity National Financial, Inc.

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