American Title Uses Clustered Storage to Consolidate Its Document Management and Deliver Property Reports via the Internet

September 8, 2005

American Title Uses Clustered Storage to Consolidate Its Document Management and Deliver Property Reports More Quickly and Cost Effectively via the Internet

SEATTLE, /PRNewswire/ -- American Title, Inc. has selected Isilon's Isilon IQ clustered storage system as the primary storage for its rapidly growing real estate information service. American Title, which is based in Omaha, Nebraska, provides one-stop custom property reports that include title, flood, deed, lien and mortgage verification. Via its advanced web-services-enabled infrastructure, American Title enables its customers to order and receive over 80 different property reports around the clock, allowing lenders to make more accurate decisions and close real estate transactions more quickly.

"At American Title, we provide our customers with the most comprehensive and customized real estate information products available on the market so they can make informed decisions more quickly with reduced analytics costs," said Paul Christiani, chief information officer for American Title. "Isilon IQ clustered storage allows us to consolidate our vast, and previously disparate, repositories of property documents drawn from many sources, easily scale capacity, automatically replicate data and achieve significant cost savings."

Attractive mortgage rates, which remain at historic lows, have fueled a tremendous surge in real estate transactions and financings. Consolidated real estate information services from American Title replace the burden of gathering data from multiple sources with one-stop consolidated real estate information reports. To keep up with the high demand for their reports, which range from 10-60 pages each, and to safeguard its data, American Title required a highly reliable storage solution that could be effortlessly managed, scaled without downtime and replicated to backup locations for disaster recovery purposes. Isilon IQ clustered storage and Isilon SyncIQ(TM) replication software readily integrated with American Title's existing document management systems, and its fully clustered architecture enables performance and capacity to be linearly scaled as American Title's business grows.

"American Title is revolutionizing the way real estate decisions are made," said Brett Goodwin, vice president of marketing and business development for Isilon Systems.

"Isilon IQ clustered storage allows American Title to easily consolidate its data, add capacity on demand, replicate to multiple sites and make more information available online than ever before."

With its nationwide service, American Title collects and aggregates property information from a wide variety of sources. Whether a document has been retrieved via web services or from a dusty county filing cabinet and faxed into its system, American Title is committed to providing the most detailed and accurate property information services available on the market. Prior to using Isilon IQ, American Title had amassed a multitude of disparate storage systems, each of which required oversight, licensing and care. Isilon recently announced the next generation of its Isilon IQ family of clustered storage systems -- the Isilon IQ 1920, 3000 and 4800 -- powered by the latest version of Isilon's award-winning OneFS(TM) distributed file system software.

Source: Isilon Systems

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