Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions Releases Add-on Tool for Office Management System

August 26, 2005

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., -- The Real Estate Solutions division of Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (NYSE: FNF), has released a new reporting add-on utility for its Broker BackOffice Pro(TM) system, a comprehensive office management solution designed to automate and streamline successful real estate teams and small to mid-sized real estate office processes. Using this new reporting tool, real estate management professionals can expect more flexible and detailed reporting capabilities to support the executive-level decision-making process.

In addition to fully-customizable reporting capabilities, the new Broker BackOffice Pro reporting tool will include pre-formatted reports such as commission summaries, earnings reports, trust reports, ranking reports and agent rosters. While several of these reports are already included in Broker BackOffice Pro, the new reporting tool offers enhanced versions of those reports that can pull information from any data field in the Broker BackOffice Pro system to create customized reports.

All reports created using the new Broker BackOffice Pro reporting tool are automatically exported in report format to Microsoft® Office Excel. By accessing these reports in Excel, users will be able to easily utilize all of the presentation capabilities associated with that program, including charts and graphs. Additionally, users will now have drill-down capabilities that enable them to incorporate more detailed information after an initial report has been created.

"Since Broker BackOffice Pro is used to automate and manage so many essential business processes in real estate offices, a great abundance of information is captured in the system," said Scott Hoen, Executive Vice President of Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions. "By interfacing with our valued customers and asking for their input during development of the new Broker BackOffice Pro reporting tool, we are confident we have created another successful tool by providing unlimited access to all information in a format that best meets the needs of real estate management professionals."

Source: Fidelity National Financial

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