Stewart Realty Solutions Announces New Pricing Plan for Its SureClose(R) Online Transaction Management System

June 28, 2005

HOUSTON, /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Passing on the benefits of the widespread adoption of SureClose online transaction management gained within the Stewart Title organization, Stewart Realty Solutions has announced a new transactional pricing plan for all users of the system.

This new pricing plan will significantly reduce the costs associated with licensing the SureClose software for real estate brokers, sales associates, non-Stewart title offices and other SureClose users.

"With three years of deployment in more than 850 title and real estate offices, we have developed considerable expertise as SureClose approaches nearly one million online real estate transaction files," said Stewart Morris Jr., president, Stewart Title Co. "With this success, we are now able to offer SureClose on more attractive terms, allowing our customers to enjoy our economies of scale."

SureClose provides users with centralized communication, file management and access to current and historical title and closing files including listing and sale agreements, loan documents, and escrow and title transaction documents. The files are accessible 24x7 in an online environment, allowing users to access, view and download their transaction documents, as well as e-mail from any PC connected to the Internet, without special software.

"SureClose is the most successful collaboration and file management platform in the industry," said Travis Wright, president and chief executive officer, Stewart Realty Solutions. "Stewart Title has installed SureClose in almost all of its direct operations for internal paperless use and as a method of delivery of products and communication with all parties to a transaction.

"In addition, Stewart Realty Services continues to implement significant enhancements to the system including e-signature, bar coding, integration with Rapattoni MLS, and a Web services tool kit allowing interface with real estate brokers' back office systems, loan origination systems and more," added Wright.

"We are participating in a fundamental shift in the way the real estate transaction of the future will occur," added Wright. "In fact, once thought to be impossible, the paperless office is now becoming a reality due to SureClose."

Source: Stewart Realty Solutions

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