Data Tree Adds Abstractor Services And Batch Retrieval To

June 6, 2005

SAN DIEGO, – Data Tree LLC, a national provider of recorded land record documents and a member of The First American Corporation (NYSE: FAF) family of companies, today announced the addition of two new features to Abstractor Services and Batch Retrieval.

Abstractor Services

A Web-based product offering instant, 24/7 access to the nation’s largest database of public land records, offers extensive geographic coverage spanning 35 states and every major metropolitan area across the country. For areas outside of the current online coverage, customers can now utilize the Abstractor Services feature for on-demand document retrieval. This added feature makes a fully automated, single-source solution for its users, eliminating the cost and time involved in managing various resources and document retrieval methods. The requested documents can instantly be viewed, annotated, saved, printed or emailed directly from the browser window. The user also has the option of having a certified hard copy of the document delivered directly to them.

“Although we are continually expanding the depth and breadth of our database, we want to provide our clients with an immediate, cost-effective method of obtaining any document they need—even if it is not part of our current online database,” said Gwen Sorensen, director of product management and marketing, “With’s Abstractor Services feature, our clients can now count on us for advanced research and retrieval of current or historical documents anywhere in the nation.”

Batch Retrieval

Batch Retrieval is Data Tree’s turnkey solution to the labor-intensive task of individually locating a large number of property documents. This new, intelligent batch-processing capability enables users to search and request multiple documents in a single transaction by providing minimal data such as property owner name, street address, assessor parcel number or mortgage amount. Rather than manually key-in data to search for the documents, the user can simply export the data from their own business system and upload the spreadsheet within In a matter of minutes, the user can retrieve a WinZip® file directory containing each located document and a summary report.

“A variety of markets—including loan servicing, legal processors and document retrieval companies—have a growing need to retrieve a high volume of documents in a limited amount of time,” said Robert Karraa, chief operating officer of Data Tree.

“’s Batch Retrieval technology enables clients to request and instantly receive all the documents they need in a single transaction, providing them with a valuable opportunity to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.”

Combined with a database of nearly 2.5 billion document images, the introduction of Batch Retrieval and Abstractor Services makes the largest, most comprehensive single-source solution for public land record retrieval in the nation.

Source: The First American Corporation

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