Another Texas county adopts paperless real estate closing system

June 2, 2005

Landata technology aims to streamline recording process

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In another step toward the paperless home sale, the first electronic recording of real estate documents into the Fort Bend, Texas, County Clerk's Anthem System went through, using the Landata Technologies' electronic recording system.

The division supervisor for official public records of Fort Bend County, Diane Shepard, accepted the county's first electronically filed real estate property records April 28. The four packages – each containing the deed and notices – were generated via the Landata e-Recording System.

The county received scanned images of the documents in addition to index information (grantor, grantee and property information) and cashiering information (document type and number of pages).

The recording was accepted and the document package was electronically stamped, cashiered and loaded into the county's Anthem database. The electronically recorded and stamped documents were returned along with receipt information to the submitter within minutes of receipt, according to a press statement.

"Electronic recording saves time and resources on both sides," said Dianne Wilson, Fort Bend County Clerk. "The county doesn't have to deal with all the paper generated by a filing and the filer doesn't have to deal with traffic or bad weather to come to the courthouse."

Stewart Title of Fort Bend had used the system in adjacent Brazoria County in January. However, this is the first electronic recording from a Landata e-Recording System, or LERS, into the Hart InterCivic Anthem system.

Landata Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corp., offers electronic document conversion with indexing services, recordation systems, e-recording and data warehousing with e-commerce to government entities and title companies.

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