Fidelity National Financial's LSI Flood Services Launches Online Flood Map Tool

May 31, 2005

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- LSI Flood Services, a division of Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (NYSE: FNF) and a provider of flood determination services for the real estate and lending industries, haslaunched Web Maps, its comprehensive online flood map solution. To provide maximum detail and accuracy when illustrating a property's relationship to a flood zone, this solution combines an interactive property search feature with a selection of map images.

The interactive property search feature in the Web Maps solution is powered by a MapQuest® interface. This interface enables the plotted point for each address to be adjusted to more appropriately reflect the accurate location of a specified property. Once a subject property is plotted, users have the option to view two different types of full-color flood maps: FEMA Images and Digital GIS Coverages.

While the FEMA maps are the controlling documents from which flood zone determinations are made, GIS Coverages offer more specific and regularly updated street information in a visually appealing format. Both the FEMA and GIS flood map images in Web Maps can be overlaid onto a satellite image of a specific property and its surrounding area. Layering these images provides more specific detail about the subject structure in relation to streets and flood zone areas.

"We are confident our new Web Maps solution will provide appraisers and other real estate professionals with an automated means of obtaining the most accurate and detailed flood mapping imagery available," said LSI Flood Services General Manager and SVP Mark Reedy.

Source: Fidelity National Financial, Inc.

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