Hall Settlement Systems Announces Availability of eTitleAxis™ 5.0

April 16, 2005

FRISCO, TEXAS – Hall Settlement Systems (HSS), an affiliate of Hall Financial Group, today announced the availability of eTitleAxis™ 5.0 and a strategic alliance with Virtual Desktop, Inc. eTitleAxis is a comprehensive Web-based title and settlement management system, which automates the process of order entry, transaction management and status reporting, title production, escrow closing and settlement, and recordation and policy issuance. Virtual Desktop, Inc. (VDI) is one of the leading independent Application Service Providers (ASP) specializing in the real estate title industry, providing a full suite of user desktop applications.

“We are very pleased with eTitleAxis Version 5.0 because it furthers our objectives of increasing the speed and accuracy of title processing and providing seamless integration between title companies and their customers and vendors,” said Jon Allen, vice president of business development, Hall Settlement Systems. “By having a 100% Web-based architecture our customers benefit by quickly implementing new features and not having to perform time-consuming system upgrades.”

Highlights of eTitleAxis Version 5.0 enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Title Premium Management -– Now it’s even easier to manage the data used for eTitleAxis premium calculations. System Administrators can manage underwriter title premiums and policy types through a user-friendly interface that makes the creation and management of complex formulas simple.
  • Enhanced Document/Forms Management– Need a change to a custom document or form but you do not know where the source document is or which one is activated? No problem. Just access the custom form library, export the form, modify as required, and activate it for use dynamically. eTitleAxis allows the System Administrator to store and download the most current version of any form in the document library. This feature allows for easy document updates, reducing the need to maintain local libraries and eliminates wasted time looking for original documents.
  • Visual Milestone Display: Stay on track with customizable milestone displays. Within eTitleAxis transaction workflow, managers can identify specific milestones that they want tracked visually. These custom milestones with status and dates are displayed on the transaction summary page to keep internal users aware of key milestone completion and pending actions.
  • Enhanced Usability on HUD Production Screens: Our customers inspired us to create an even more user friendly and rapid HUD production screen. We’ve reduced mouse clicks and scrolls, and made more efficient use of the HUD calculation pop-up screens. All payees within the built-in address book are available immediately. Per-diem and percentage calculations are more intuitive and inclusive, designed to increase speed and accuracy for the user. 
  • Advanced Milestone Search & Download Capabilities: Be prepared. Take the data from visual milestone charts to the next client meeting. Show your lenders, partners, employees and department leads what is going well or needs improvement in terms of turn times, processes, and other key processing milestones. Users can perform an advance search via milestones and download the results to an Excel spreadsheet. 

“Our customers select Hall Settlement Systems because they know the title industry is changing. They want to differentiate themselves by being able to process orders faster, more accurate and offer the latest technology capabilities,” said Wendy Gibson, sr. vice president of Hall Settlement Systems. “We are focused on making eTitleAxis easy to buy, implement and use. We offer flexible pricing options based on per user per month, or per closed transaction.” 

Other News:

  • Virtual Desktop Strategic Alliance

Virtual Desktop, Inc. (VDI) and Hall Settlement Systems are teaming up to offer companies a powerful, end-to-end information technology package for their entire desktop and title processing needs. This is an alternative offering for title companies that want to reduce their IT costs while improving their firm’s productivity. Through Virtual Desktop, companies can obtain all their desktop applications, e-mail and Web hosting from a secure and reliable hosting provider. By combining the VDI offering with the eTitleAxis system, title companies get all of the information technology they need to grow and maintain their businesses from a single source. No more hiring expensive IT resources, deploying costly systems and performing time-consuming software upgrades. Hall Settlement Systems and VDI allows the focus to be on the business , not IT operations. 

“We at (VDI) have worked hard to be innovators in the title industry and we welcome the opportunity to partner with next level innovators like Hall Settlement Systems. As consultants and hosting providers of technology, we meet with agents regularly, looking for technology options and the competitive EDGE. Technology partnerships and vendor alliances assure High Tech offerings with manageable and productive results,” said Randall Hood, president and managing partner of Virtual Desktop, Inc (VDI).

  • Easy To Buy, Implement and Use

Hall Settlement Systems is revolutionizing the title industry by making it simple to do business with us and remove the many headaches that transpire with operating software onsite. Because eTitleAxis is 100% Web-based all users’ need is an Internet connection to get started. 

It’s easy to buy. We offer simple pricing plans. Title companies can purchase eTitleAxis on a per user per month basis, or on a fee per closed transaction. 

It’s easy to implement: Set up of the eTitleAxis system is a snap, because there is no expensive technology to procure, eTitleAxis implements in about 3- 5 business days. Hall Settlement Systems helps you through the implementation process by providing training and customization services. Plus, you can have immediate access to an array of third-party services. 

It’s easy to use: Some of our clients are opening up more than 100 orders within the first couple days of operating eTitleAxis. With wizards, self-populating documents, milestone reports, etc, eTitleAxis is easy to learn and use.

  • Quick Books Integration

Hall Settlement Systems is a QuickBooks affiliate program member with value-added integration capabilities. Use eTitleAxis for all title and settlement processing needs and take advantage of the QuickBooks-ready data export/import features.

  • Enhanced Online Customer Support and Access to Thousands of IT Knowledge Articles

eTitleAxis users have one-click access to online customer service 24X7. Users can access frequently asked questions, review question/answer and request/resolution articles from members of the eTitleAxis user community. Job Aids, documentation and helpful hints are published often to help users stay current on the numerous features and services. 

In addition, we recently added thousands of IT knowledge articles to assist clients with office tools such as Microsoft Office, XP, 2000, and more. This is just another value-added service provided by Hall Settlement Systems to minimize or eliminate the headaches associated with supporting desktop computing.

Visit Us At ALTA Tech Forum (April 17 – 19, 2005 in Orlando, FL)

Stop by and visit Hall Settlement Systems at the ALTA Tech Forum and we will show you a demonstration of eTitleAxis. Plus, register to win one of three iPod Shuffles to be given away at our booth. 

Source: Hall Settlement Systems

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