Title Transaction Solution Enhancements Promise Increased Efficiencies

February 27, 2005

IDIA Group Announces New Features Added To Webster

Denver, CO – IDIA Group has released document imaging and document production enhancements to their Webster title transaction management solution.

The new document imaging enhancement offers all users with approved permission levels the ability to upload and attach supporting documents to orders so they can become a physical part of the order. Key contributors to the process now have the ability to add any documents necessary for closing – in PDF, TIF, GIF, JPG, Microsoft® Office Word and Excel, and other formats – as they are created. Uploaded documents such as deeds, loan documents and final HUD statements are then available for printing and automatically archived and stored as part of the complete order.

“The document imaging capabilities now available in Webster ensure full electronic documentation of everything that transpires on each particular file. That makes anyone who interacts with a transaction more efficient, and auditing easier,” commented Robert Hutchinson, Senior Vice President of Sales for IDIA Group.

“An even greater benefit of this new feature can be seen after closing,” added industry technology consultant Steve Broderick, General Manager of Astride Technical Solutions. “The entire closing package can be uploaded, stored in a central repository, and all post-closing documents can be retrieved by any third party to whom permission rights are given. The package can be emailed, printed or faxed at the touch of a button versus digging through files and manually distributing paper.”

Document production enhancements introduced to Webster include the addition of all closing forms and documents to the existing capabilities of policy, commitment and HUD statement generation. Utilizing a single-entry system for all document production, data is consistent across all documents thus minimizing the potential for error. Documents are generated in secure PDF format.

The two enhancements announced by IDIA Group are a result of the company’s customer feedback process that strives to improve customer productivity. “Our company philosophy has always been that our customers know their businesses best and our job is to make their lives easier. We continue to solicit feedback, develop, and deliver features and functions that will help them to contain costs, provide greater customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase revenues,” said Rena Hutchinson, IDIA Group’s President.

Source: IDIA Group

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