Fiserv Lending Solutions Launches GATORS 4.0 Upgrade

February 21, 2005

Workflow Management Solution Will Allow Users Greater Flexibility

Pittsburgh, Pa., – General American Corporation (GAC), a technology solution provider to the real estate settlement services industry and a unit of Fiserv Lending Solutions, has rolled out its GATORS 4.0 upgrade. GATORS® enables title agents, vendor managers and other settlement services providers to efficiently track, process and produce all settlement services transactions from order entry through delivery and closing.

GATORS, which provides workflow management platforms in the settlement services and title industry, is noted for its user-friendly software and flexibility. The launch of GATORS 4.0 is expected to increase system flexibility and allows its users a wider range of functionality. The upgrade is also expected to expand the user’s ability to connect with vendor and partner platforms without the need for custom programming.

GATORS offers technological advancement on the current automated management system, allowing users to track bundled settlement transactions and precisely measure vendor rankings through a point system based on criteria such as technology, fees, service and quality. The upgrade includes a title curative management system, which will formally track issues against a title commitment passing over to the settlement statement.

Title agents looking to upgrade their workflow technology will find GATORS 4.0 an affordable solution in managing and expanding their business and providing the needed connectivity to their Realtor® and lender clients. 

“We spoke with our customers at the 2004 Fiserv Client Convention, and asked them, ‘What are you looking for in software today that you were not a year ago?’” said Chris Behning, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for GAC. “The response was unanimous – flexibility. The updated GATORS 4.0 was designed with our customers’ suggestions in mind providing flexibility for all users on all platforms.” 

GATORS 4.0 also features the ability to monitor contact information for commonly used parties to transactions, and allows users to access GATORS from any computer with Internet access. 

Other supplemental improvements to be found within GATORS 4.0 include:

  • Auto-invoicing for products;
  • Fully customizable work flow tools;
  • Restoration of voided escrow checks;
  • Capability to function with multiple open windows; and
  • Improved ability to interface with other platforms without a need for programmers.
“As usual, the customer knows best,” said Behning. “We’re proud of the fact that GATORSystems continues to lead the market when it comes to workflow management technology. We’ll continue to ask our users for their thoughts on functionality and value, and incorporate this feedback into our system.”

General American Corp. (GAC) is a part of Fiserv’s Lending Solution group, providing technology solutions and settlement services to the real estate and mortgage banking industries. GAC Direct is a real estate settlement service provider to financial institutions nationwide. Its services are delivered over an Internet gateway connection to four national processing centers.

Source: Fiserv

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