Fidelity National Financial Division Enhances Real Estate Transaction Management Solution

January 6, 2005

Jacksonville, Fla., /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- The Real Estate Solutions division of Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (NYSE: FNF) has released of a major update to its TransactionPoint(TM) Suite, a Web-based real estate transaction management platform and ordering system designed to streamline business processes and reduce risk. Transaction Point version 8.7 incorporates an updated user interface and sophisticated new features and capability advancements that optimize all aspects of the real estate transaction and enhance communication between all involved parties.

TransactionPoint v8.7 enables brokers to enter property data, add clients, create transactions, update activities, order services, upload documents and share information throughout the life cycle of the real estate process. By performing all tasks in one system, users gain electronic accessibility to all the information associated with a real estate transaction. The system also helps brokers effectively manage risk by standardizing processes and centralizing documentation.

"The new features in TransactionPoint have made the system an even more comprehensive and flexible solution than before," said Stephanie Fletcher- Hall, Administrator for RE/MAX First. "By quickly and efficiently managing our complex real estate transactions, this solution definitely gives us an edge over the competition and a distinct advantage in our marketplace," she added.

During 2004, Fidelity National Financial experienced a 500 percent increase in the number of transactions flowing through TransactionPoint, firmly positioning the system as the industry's leading transaction management platform.

Several enhancements and updates have been added to facilitate seamless broker-customer interactions, including document faxing capabilities, consumer-facing Web site interfaces and service provider grouping. These enhancements reduce the amount of time and resources required to implement transaction management services within a brokerage.

To enhance the customer's experience, TransactionPoint v8.7 also enables consumers to monitor the status of their transactions and accompanying documents online, in real-time. Currently available online through the TransactionPoint Web site, TransactionPoint v8.7 also provides access to this unique status-tracking feature through brokers' and their agents' consumer- facing Web sites when they subscribe to Fidelity's BrokerOffice(TM) Suite.

With the release of TransactionPoint version 8.7, AgentOffice version 7.0 users have the ability to launch from the AgentOffice desktop and seamlessly log-in to TransactionPoint, RealEC Exchange and other Fidelity Web-based applications. This integration creates added convenience for brokers and their agents as they manage clients and the transaction.

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