Hall Settlement Systems Announces Availability of eTitleAxis

September 22, 2004

FRISCO, TEXAS – Hall Settlement Systems (HSS), an affiliate of Hall Financial Group, announced the availability of eTitleAxis™. A comprehensive title insurance and settlement system, eTitleAxis automates the process of order entry, transaction management and status reporting, title production, escrow closing and settlement, recordation and policy issuance.

“Title companies should have a choice when choosing underwriting partners,” said Jon Allen, vice president of business development, Hall Settlement Systems. “ eTitleAxis is a complete Web-based system that provides automatic underwriter selection so companies can chose any number of underwriting partners with whom to do business.”

Using Hall Settlement Systems’ eTitleAxis companies can:

  • Automate settlement processing for paper and electronic mortgages
  • Instantly generate estimated closing fees and price quotes
  • Use customizable fee engines to automatically create HUD statements
  • Review and print published documents via an online document library
  • Centralize closing documents for secure viewing by all appropriate parties
  • Upload, email and fax documents directly into the application and assign them to a transaction
  • View the complete, traceable history of all user activity by storing and tracking every version of all documents
  • Balance receipts and disbursements of individual transactions and report across multiple trust accounts
  • Generate electronic funds disbursements directly from the system
  • Seamlessly integrate with Lender Origination Systems, shipping companies, property search databases, file tracking and inventory systems and multiple banking institutions
  • Enable collaborative communication between title companies, lenders, signing agents, realtors, vendors and consumers

“ eTitleAxis is a robust and proven system that allows title companies to reduce production costs, increase customer acquisition and retention and gain a competitive advantage by enabling a better consumer experience,” said Sri Krishnan, vice president of engineering, Hall Settlement Systems. “To date eTitleAxis has processed more than 150,000 title and settlement transactions with an aggregate value of more than $22.5 billion.”

Krishnan cited one eTitleAxis customer that used the system to successfully process more than $1 billion in less than five months of operation. “Within four more months of that, they had surpassed $2 billion, and only two months later surpassed $3 billion. All this was done with two relatively small California offices.”

In addition to eTitleAxis , Hall Settlement System markets eMortgageAxis™. A two-time nominee for the Inman Innovator award, the Web-based, end-to-end software application enables the electronic processing of residential mortgages. Additionally, eMortgageAxis was the first application to successfully process electronic mortgages.

Source: Hall Settlement Systems

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