Loop Information Systems' ClosingSite Adopted By AmeriPoint Title of Houston

September 13, 2004

AmeriPoint Title of Houston has adopted ClosingSite as its web platform for all of its closing activity and is the exclusive provider of ClosingSite in the Houston metropolitan area. AmeriPoint's customers can now access their closings online (http://www.AmeriPointTitlehou.com ).

AmeriPoint strives to provide the most consistent quality and the highest level of personal service for all title insurance needs. "The addition of ClosingSite as our web platform is a tremendous enhancement of our service," said Allen Shindler, Owner and President of AmeriPoint Title of Houston. "In addition to allowing an avenue for sharing closing documents and information, it allows us to be responsive to our clients 24 hours a day through our website."

ClosingSite allows for the management of closing documents, events and parties via the Internet. In addition to allowing all parties (including buyer, seller, agents, and mortgage lenders) to share appropriate documents and schedule events, the system automatically notifies parties via email of the availability of documents and the completion of related events. A vital feature of the system is its ability to restrict access to certain documents so that they can be viewed only by the parties who should have access. Title companies are becoming increasingly interested in web-based closing platforms. The real estate industry has experienced a seismic shift in customer expectations due to the Internet. "Today, the vast majority of all real estate purchases and re-financings begin online and the marketplace is clamoring for tools that allow the process to stay online," said Kyle Pope, Director of Business Development for Loop Information Systems. "Title companies are finding their clients are increasingly dissatisfied with the traditional fax and mail approach to the closing process. The more forward thinking companies are beginning to add web portals as a differentiating service."

SOURCE Loop Information Systems, Inc.

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