TitleSoft Announces Release of INTELLAservices™

August 27, 2004

Orlando, FL - TitleSoft® a software development corporation, has announced the immediate availability of INTELLAservices. TitleSoft has raised the bar considerably over all other competitive closing systems by bundling its fully-integrated INTELLAclose™ software solution for Real Estate Closing/Title, with a superior Web/Internet based customer servicing layer (INTELLAservices). TitleSoft’s main objective was to provide our customers the ability to provide their customers the most sophisticated customer servicing experience, ensuring competitive traction is maintained in their respective markets.

This breakthrough software technology will allow title organizations running INTELLAclose and INTELLAservices to have new orders flow directly into their main closing system, provide real-time file status, and allow the viewing and printing of key closing documents, from the convenience of any Web browser (i.e. MS Explorer™) based workstation. Additionally, one of the most unique and powerful aspects of INTELLAservices, is the availability of a real-time “LIVE” HUD that dynamically refreshes whenever accounting adjustments are made by the production location. An unbelievable feature you must see to believe! Lastly, the INTELLAservices solution does not require third party software and requires extremely low system overhead to implement unlike competitive systems.

For detailed information on this breakthrough technology, visit our Web portal @ www.titlesoft.com for a product demonstration or contact TitleSoft at 800-529-0585 or 407-622-5033.

TitleSoft Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Fla., develops and provides software solutions to the Real Estate Settlement/Title Industries and currently has customers in 24 states.

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