SearchTec Abstract Inc. Celebrates 15 year anniversary

May 26, 2004

SearchTec Abstract celebrating its 15 year anniversary. Founded May 22, 1989, SearchTec Abstract is one of the best providers of settlement services in the area. In a rapidly changing world, it is a remarkable accomplishment to remain a market leader for over 15 years. Indeed, SearchTec Abstract has remained a leader by providing a variety of services to help one prepare for settlement. SearchTec Abstract customers, who have helped the company reach this important 15-year milestone, are enjoying the benefits of 15 years of superior service and excellence from our highly skilled and licensed settlement staff.

"SearchTec Abstract certainly has come a long way since 1989. Now we're part of a multi-million dollar industry," said Dorothy Tittermary, President of SearchTec Abstract. “Hard work and long hours have paid off. Our hands-on management style has enabled us to develop very loyal, dedicated and hard working employees. Our staff has always met every challenge and exceeded our expectations. We are very proud of their accomplishments."

"Our approach to the market has always been to provide high levels of customer service and to make it easy for customers to do business with us," noted Tittermary, the company’s president since its inception. "A great deal of our resources has been devoted to reach the ultimate goal of every real estate transaction: a successful and efficient closing."

Since 1989, SearchTec Abstract has been providing the Philadelphia tri-state area with an innovative range of title insurance, closing and real estate services. This includes gathering all necessary documents, coordinating the closing and issuing a title insurance policy. The firm collects and disperses the funds, reviews and coordinates compliance with the lender’s closing instructions and quickly returns the lender’s package to conclude the transaction. What's more, the company has experienced explosive growth with the handling of a variety of new construction projects and condo developments in addition to an already expanding portfolio of commercial transactions.

SearchTec Abstract has worked hard to position itself to be a major competitor in the title insurance industry through its commitment to integrity, quality, and exceptional customer service. During its history, the company has achieved impressive growth in a highly competitive market.

"We will continue to look to the basic principles that the company envisioned over 15 years ago," stated Tittermary. "A clear vision has been the driving force in taking strides to where we are today and that vision, along with our incredible staff, will take us to that next level in the future.”

Source: SearchTec Abstract

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