RamQuest User Group 1 st Annual User Convention a great success

May 5, 2004

Plano, Texas – – RQUG, Inc. (RamQuest User Group) held its 1 st Annual User Convention in Richardson, Texas this past week reporting tremendous participation and success to its unique structure.

"RamQuest has taken a distinctive and mutually-beneficial approach in setting up its user group. The entity is controlled by the actual users of the product and not by the software company itself. Because of this, we as users are much more in control of our destiny and the future of the products we rely on for our day-to-day businesses. We commend RamQuest for developing an organization that is truly for the benefit of the users. This bold approach will reap long-term rewards for all," said Bob Blessman, President of RQUG, Inc., and Senior Vice President -- Information Technology of Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc., Chicago.

RQUG, Inc. is a non-profit organization, founded in 2004, devoted to serving users of RamQuest Software products through facilitation of discussion forums, user conventions, requirements definition, and educational aids.

“The objective of this organization is to provide guidance and expertise directly from where it counts the most, the users of the products. The structure and approach to RQUG will provide each user of RamQuest products an opportunity to voice their opinion in a forum that is conducive to specific action by the software company servicing them. We believe the user group gives us a competitive advantage by providing higher quality feedback from the users on the requirements and needs that can be incorporated into our products. We can respond to those needs quicker and much more effectively than before.”, said Mark McElroy, President RamQuest Software, Inc.

RQUG’s first Annual User convention drew over 170 attendees. The attendees participated in a variety of educational sessions including, user training on RamQuest products, technical discussions about the software and its underlying technology, strategy sessions on future development and business management approaches.

"It is our belief that RamQuest has made a very strong statement in the development of this User Group. We feel this group will be very effective and become an integral part of our resources when operating the business today and into the future.," said Craig Weingartner, Chief Financial Officer of Title Midwest, Inc.

Source: RamQuest

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