Zenodata Introduces Fully Automated Chain-of-Title Search Technology

February 6, 2004

Title and mortgage professionals looking for faster land record searches, increased accuracy, reduced costs, and completely electronic results, now have access to all these advantages with Zenodata Corporation's new Land Record System (LRS).

Designed for professionals in the lending, title, real estate, legal, and utility industries, Zenodata's LRS produces full title abstracts and other land record reports faster and more accurately than any other system, says Mark Stevenson, Zenodata's CEO. Unlike traditional title plants and systems that simply provide a front end for existing data sources, he says, Zenodata goes far beyond grantor/grantee and tract indices to extract and import all relevant information from the original source documents. "As a result, Zenodata is creating not only the first completely electronic land record database in the United States, but also the most accurate."

According to Stevenson, LRS decreases time to perform complete title searches by a factor of 5-10, completing most title searches - and generating completed abstract sheets - in 10 minutes or less. Users save an average of 20-30 percent on the cost of title work, he explains, through the faster, more accurate process, and the elimination of manual data entry.

More than three years in development, LRS is comprised of Zenodata's proprietary Land Record Database, Spider-Search search engine, and webJAZ user-interface application. To create the database, the key to LRS, Zenodata produces high-resolution images from the original county documents.

webJAZ allows users -- using just a browser and Internet connection -- to conduct "one-button" automated title searches or full custom searches using any combination of names, addresses, legal descriptions, document references, and date ranges. Operating as a skilled abstractor does, SpiderSearch automatically performs hierarchical searching from lot to section, finding all documents related to the search at hand, including those missed with existing county and title plant systems. Powerful analysis and filtering tools increase productivity and guarantee optimum results, says Stevenson.

Soure: Zenodata Corporation ( www.zenodata.com )

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