Economic census eyes Web trends

December 16, 2002

This year will be first to measure e-commerce for all industries

Inman News Features

The Commerce Department's Census Bureau will send questionnaires to more than 5 million businesses nationwide this month, launching the 2002 economic census.

This year's census features many firsts, including the ability to report data electronically, the measuring of e-commerce for all industries, information on business supply-chain functions and the inclusion of businesses with contracted employees.

The economic census, taken every five years, uses business statistics as a benchmark for measuring 96 percent of the gross domestic product and serves as a resource for business planning and economic policy-making.

Firms in more than 1,000 industries will be asked to report information that will be kept confidential about their operations, including the number of employees, annual payroll and the value of goods and services provided during calendar year 2002.

In addition to the Federal Reserve and other federal agencies, state and local officials use economic census data to design programs that promote business development. The private sector uses the data for activities such as developing business plans, calculating market share and evaluating new business opportunities.

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