LandAmerica Name Goes National to Unite Company

September 20, 2002

New Brand Identity Hits Streets in September

RICHMOND, Va., /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Richmond-based LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE: LFG - News), one of the nation's leading providers of real estate transaction services, introduces a new corporate brand identity and updated logo to unite all of its corporate wide business offices effective September 19, 2002.

Over the years, the LandAmerica family has grown to include more than 600 offices of underwriters, business divisions and subsidiaries, many of which continued to operate under their original company names. Beginning September 19, every office will add and feature LandAmerica as the first part of its market-facing name.

"When a company grows like we have," said Charles H. Foster Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc., "the consistency of name recognition becomes increasingly important if we are to fully capitalize on the company's long-standing reputation as a trusted partner in the real estate transaction. That's exactly what we're doing -- leveraging the equity we have in our local brands with the connecting recognition of the LandAmerica name -- establishing a consistent visual identity and reinforcing our service strategy in every market."

"The new over-arching brand identity will enable LandAmerica to build on that equity and increase awareness of our expertise in all aspects of the real estate transaction profession," explained President Janet A. Alpert. "In addition to uniting the company's nearly 9,000 employees under the LandAmerica brand, we are maintaining the legacy of integrity and superior customer service that define the LandAmerica experience. Whether someone does business with us in Los Angeles, in Atlanta or right here in Richmond, we want them to recognize LandAmerica as a household name they can trust from coast to coast."

Source: LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc.

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