Builders support break in barriers

September 10, 2002

NAHB endorses HUD's new program that aims to identify obstacles in affordable housing

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The new Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse is being created by the Department of Housing and Urban Development as a means to identify and eliminate the unnecessary regulatory barriers to affordable housing.

The RBC, strongly endorsed by the National Association of Home Builders, seeks to identify obstacles in tax policy, land use controls, zoning ordinances, building codes, fees and charges, growth controls and policies that otherwise affect return on investment, according to NAHB.

The purpose of the clearinghouse is to collect, assemble and disseminate information regarding state and local actions that affect the development and availability of affordable housing and to identify the innovative ways in which those barriers have been overcome, according to NAHB.

The RBC is being created as a result of a provision in the "American Homeownership and Economic Opportunity Act of 2000," according to NAHB.

The information collected by the RBC is available to local governments, organizations and members of the public.

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