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August 22, 2002

'Top 50' Web planning sites unveiled, aims to trim Web research time

Inman News Features

PLANetizen, an urban planning and development Web site, has published a list what it believes to be the top 50 most useful Web sites for urban planners and developers.

The list is the first in what will become an annual undertaking. In all, 475 Web sites were evaluated, according to PLANetizen.

PLANtizen said the list provides a good starting point for researchers who typically spend an hour a day surfing for planning information.

"By drawing attention to these top Web sites, we hope to stimulate the continued creation of outstanding Internet resources for the urban planning and development community," said Chris Steins, the Web site's managing editor.

The list is divided into several categories, including directories, professional and industry associations, publications, research and data, government sites, special focus, regional/local sites, international and outside the box.

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