Relocating 'Better, Faster And Cheaper'

May 30, 2002

Real Estate Information Provider To Combine Home Inspection, Appraisal Process

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LandSafe Inc., a provider of real estate information and closing services, today announced LandSafe Buy-Out Valuation, a buy-out information product aimed at the relocation industry.

The traditional relocation buy-out includes a home inspection and valuation data from two or more appraisers, according to LandSafe.

LandSafe Buy-Out Valuation requires one appraiser who will determine a comparable home valuation using data collected by the home inspector and technology from automated valuation tools and local property information databases. The result, in areas where sufficient data is available, is an accurate valuation without the expense of two full appraisals, according to the company.

"The relocation industry wants better, faster and cheaper ways of doing business without eroding the client's decision-making ability when it comes to buying an employee's home," said Greg Dennis, president and COO of LandSafe Appraisal Services Inc. "What we are doing is providing a combined home inspection and appraisal process for relocation, which speeds up the purchase process at considerable cost savings."

LandSafe is a subsidiary of Countrywide Credit Industries Inc. (NYSE: CCR). The company provides real estate closing services including appraisals, credit reporting, flood determination, title insurance, escrow services and home inspections for residential mortgage transactions.

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