ALTA® Advice: Save Money on Your Refinance

May 16, 2002

Ask for Special Refinance or Reissue Rate

WASHINGTON-- According to the American Land Title Association there is good news for homeowners.

Consumers in many parts of the country can save money the next time they refinance their home or property by asking for a special refinance or reissue rate on their title insurance.

When a house or property is purchased, the mortgage lender usually requires lenders title insurance to protect its investment. When the homeowner refinances that loan, the lender requires a new title insurance policy to insure the new loan.

Refinance or reissue rates are discounts off the rates that would otherwise be charged to insure the transaction. The size of the discounts vary, but they can be substantial. Consumers should ask the person handling their closing if refinance or reissue rates are available.

ALTA also recommends consumers purchase owner's title insurance to protect their investment when purchasing a home or property. Owner's title insurance protects the consumer's use and enjoyment of the property. However owner's title insurance does not need to be reissued during a refinance. It is good for as long as the owner or his/her heirs have an interest in the property.

To find a title company in your city, go to For a free brochure on title insurance, contact the American Land Title Association at 1-800-787-2582 or send an e-mail to: [email protected].

SOURCE: American Land Title Association

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