Maricopa County, Arizona, Recorder?s Office Adding New Electronic Recording Options

March 6, 2002

County builds on current success by adding Ingeo?s Electronic Recording System.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA ?. Helen Purcell, Maricopa County, Arizona recorder announced today the initiation of a project to deploy the Ingeo Electronic Recording System in the county?s land document recording offices, supplementing their existing electronic document submission system.

The new technology will enable Maricopa County?s local and national recording customers to electronically prepare, submit, and process lien releases in seconds. In addition, the incoming data can be automatically integrated with the current recording data system, eliminating manual data entry. "By removing the manual processes, we not only increase efficiency, but accuracy as well," says Purcell. "Instead of entering the same data at two or more points, the information is simply passed electronically, eliminating the introduction of possible human error."

Maricopa County is the fourth-largest county in the United States. With a rapidly growing population, the Recording Office receives between 5,000 and 8,000 documents each day. The introduction of fully electronic recording has the potential to completely automate up to 20 percent of the incoming workload. "The computers can do all the tedious work. All we do is review the index entries and make occasional fine tuning adjustments," says Purcell.

Ingeo?s Electronic Recording System allows mortgage servicers to prepare and submit digital lien releases to the Maricopa County recorder without using a single piece of paper. The electronically-submitted documents will be automatically processed without any human intervention for almost instant recording. Working with the Recorder?s Office, the new electronic recording system will integrate seamlessly with current recording information systems. This integration extends the value of electronic recording to existing office procedures such as cashiering, indexing, archiving and distribution.

Ingeo uses advanced digital document technology based on mortgage industry standards, endorsed by national recording, banking, and mortgage industries. Secure communication standards keep all document interactions and transmissions private. Digital signatures verify document content and signer identity, providing important non-repudiation for submitted records.

"The long-term goal is to virtually eliminate paper as the standard means of transacting business, streamlining and simplifying the process for everyone involved," says Todd Hougaard, Ingeo?s president.

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