FNC-LandSafe Partnership Fuels Faster Loan Originations for Lenders

February 25, 2002

Oxford, Miss.? FNC Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with LandSafe Inc. that will enable mortgage lenders using FNC?s Collateral Management System? (CMS) to reduce loan origination time and costs by linking to LandSafe?s appraisal services.

FNC?s CMS provides a pipeline for secure communication and data exchange across multiple software programs. Today?s announcement will allow customers originating a loan inside the CMS to integrate seamlessly to the services LandSafe provides. Using this pipeline technology to support loan origination, mortgage lenders can streamline documentation and process management, reducing the time and costs involved in collateral assessment.

"Our partnership with FNC will allow us to deliver a better service to our customers through quick, direct access," said Michael Faine, managing director, president and COO of LandSafe. "The pipeline technology that FNC brings to the table makes mortgage origination more efficient for lenders and we?re pleased to integrate our services with that technology."

"Linking with LandSafe will give our customers immediate access to quality services they need," said Bill Rayburn, FNC CEO. "Our CMS addresses the paper, time and risks traditionally associated with evaluating mortgage collateral. We?re pleased to have LandSafe become a part of the solutions we provide to mortgage lenders."

Source: FNC Inc

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