General American Develops ASP Solution for Real Estate Settlement ServiceCompanies

February 18, 2002

New GATORS ASP Technology Now Available

NEW ORLEANS, /PRNewswire/ -- General American Corporation announced that it has developed new ASP technology for settlement service companies and title insurance agents. GATORS ASP (order management and fulfillment system for title, closing and appraisal services) will be on display for the first time at the American Land Title Technology Forum being held in New Orleans on February 17 - 19.

"GATORS ASP is an affordable, title and vendor management production system, that is user friendly, exceedingly scalable and provides a comprehensive technology solution for vendor managers and title agencies," said Chris Behning, General American's Chief Technology Officer. Current GATORS customers include Old Republic Title, Intuit's Title Source, Centex Title and Trans Continental Title.

"The key to bringing GATORS ASP to market was our ability to scale the system and make it reasonably priced across all market segments," said Norm Gottschalk, Vice President of Technology for General American. GATORS ASP will allow settlement service firms a low up-front investment and the ability to avoid a long-term commitment to an IT infrastructure partially, through eliminating the purchase of expensive equipment. "You also get a lot of savings occurring because companies can eliminate expensive consultants and administrators who maintain their current systems," said Gottschalk.

GATORS ASP will deliver and administer programs and applications to title agents and service firms from an off-site, central location. "Title agents eliminate the requirement to install and maintain expensive software and hardware in their offices -- and there is no down time. The system is always up! They simply access the applications they need from their dedicated GATORS connection or the Internet. Under our new ASP services, companies can do away with most all the expenses associated with having to manage their own title and closing production technology which is perfect for both start up operations and companies looking to expand," said Behning.

"Specifically, title agents no longer need to be bound to a specific underwriter because they use their technology. GATORS ASP provides the agency freedom to choose whom they will underwrite with and what title plants they will use. Importantly, with GATORS ASP even small agents now have the ability to customize their systems for specific operations and customers," commented Tad Buck, Business Development Manager for GATORSystems.

Source: General American Corporation

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