MISMO Elects New Governance Committee

January 18, 2002

Nashville, TN ? The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) today elected new members to its Governance Committee. MISMO, which was established by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America (MBA), develops, promotes and maintains electronic commerce standards for the mortgage industry.

MISMO?s Governance Committee, which is elected from a cross section of the industry, provides oversight for the organization?s administration and policy development. In the coming year, members of the committee will direct MISMO?s efforts in publishing and releasing the MISMO Version 2.1 Logical Data Dictionary & Document Type Definitions (DTDs), finalizing version 1.0 eMortgage Specifications, facilitating development of industry infrastructure of digital certificates for electronic verification and authentication of Real Estate Finance Security Management Organization (REFSMO) standards, developing industry implementation guides and best practices, and supporting MISMO process improvement and workflow enhancement goals.

Each year the Governance Committee elects a chair and vice-chair to lead the standards organization. The elected Chair for 2002 is David Barkley of Freddie Mac, and the elected Vice-Chair is Lisa Bolelli of First American Interactive.

The newly elected (or re-elected) members of the Governance Committee are:





Mike Bixby


Government Sponsored Enterprise

David Barkley

Freddie Mac


Adam Hall

IndyMac Bank


Rob McFarland

Waterfield Mortgage Company

Origination Technology

Todd Luhtanen


Service Provider

Lisa Bolelli

First American ? Interactive Division

Servicing Technology

Craig Foote


Technology Vendor

Paula Steger


Continuing members of MISMO?s Governance Committee are:




Government Sponsored Enterprise

Mark Oliphant

Fannie Mae


Sally Reichman

GMAC Mortgage


Richard Jones

Countrywide Home Loans

Mortgage Insurance

Richard Lembach


Origination Technology

Rob Carpenter


Service Providers

Kelly Romeo

American Land Title Association

Servicing Technology

Richard Taylor


Technology Vendors

Roger Gudobba

VMP Mortgage Forms

The Governance Committee consists of 16 MISMO subscriber organizations that serve two-year terms with half of the seats up for election each year. The Governance Committee is composed as follows:

  • Four - Lenders/Mortgage Brokers (two elected each year)
  • Two - Servicing Technology Companies (one elected each year)
  • Two - Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) (one elected each year)
  • Two - Origination Technology Companies (one elected each year)
  • One - Mortgage Insurance Company (elected each odd year)
  • One - Credit Company (elected each even year)
  • Two - Technology Vendors (one elected each year)

Two - Service Providers (one elected each year)

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