Radian Lien Protection Approved by Moody's

January 4, 2002

PHILADELPHIA, /PRNewswire/ -- Radian Guaranty Inc. today announced that Radian Lien Protection has been approved by Moody's Investors Services for refinances, second mortgages and home equity loans. In November, Radian received similar approval for Radian Lien Protection from Standard and Poor's and Fitch.

Offered in connection with Radian's sister company, ExpressClose.com, Radian Lien Protection provides lenders with a layer of insurance coverage for a range of losses, including losses due to undisclosed liens. Radian Lien Protection simplifies and shortens the time required to close refinances, second mortgages and equity loans, reducing title fees by more than 50 percent.

Radian Guaranty Inc., the mortgage insurance subsidiary of Radian Group Inc. (NYSE: RDN), provides private mortgage insurance and risk management services to mortgage lenders nationwide. Radian Group Inc., the parent company of Radian Guaranty Inc., Enhance Reinsurance Company, Asset Guaranty Insurance Company and ExpressClose.com, is a leading credit enhancement and mortgage services provider to the financial and capital markets. Additional information about Radian and its products and services may be found at www.radianmi.com.

Source: Radian Guaranty Inc.

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