Bank Shot

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Bank Shot
2972 Lookout Pl NE
Atlanta, GA 30305-3272

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Contact: Glenn Drake
Phone: 678-842-4255

Company Description

Bank Shot is a mobile app that allows your clients to send their earnest money to you via their smart phone. The company deposits the check right into their account from our gateway portal. These are not direct deposits, you choose if you want to hold, reject or deposit the funds. You can connect all of your accounts even accounts at multiple financial institutions to our gateway portal, then you simply select which account at which financial institution you would like to deposit the funds into. The fund are reflected in your account the next day. This is not an ACH, the technology is similar to the Remote Deposit machine in your office but you receive the image of the check as well as all key information needed to identify the transaction or to create a file. You control what happens, not the front end user. Bank Shot can be white labeled to give you a competitive edge in your marketplace. Come see us at Booth #36 for a quick demo, we would love to show you the most versitile earnest money product on the market today.


Electronic + Digital Closings
  • Mobile App
Funds Management
  • Escrow Funds Management
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