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Contact: Matt Kaufman
Phone: 415-915-9435
Email: matt@qualia.com
Web: www.qualia.com

Company Description

Qualia has elevated the closing experience for real estate professionals and their clients. And has reset expectations for how a closing should work.

Qualia is an award-winning title, closing, and escrow platform that has quickly become the platform of choice nationwide.

It is a one-stop shop for every aspect of a real estate closing, including settlement software, vendor management, and client communication. Qualia's fully built-in eSign, Quoting, two way lender integrations, and mobile app are just a few of the many differentiators available only on Qualia.

Qualia brings thousands of title companies, lenders, real estate agents, buyers, sellers, and all other transaction participants together into one secure, mobile, cloud-based settlement platform to increase compliance, close more transactions, and produce real-time connectivity for everyone.

The Qualia team is proud to provide a platform that leads the industry in data privacy and security. It is SOC 2 secure, ISO 27001 certified, and ALTA Best Practices Pillar 3 compliant.

Benefits Offered to ALTA members

One free month of the Marketplace Subscription (approximately $500 value)


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