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This page provides access to the ALTA Sample Human Resources Library. Some of these files are available to any interested party, but many are available only to ALTA Members and are marked with the [M] symbol to indicate "Member Only". If you are a Member and would like to access all of the samples, simply Log In to enjoy access to all of the documents.

NOTE: This web page includes links to sample human resource documents. Before any portions of a sample are used, ALTA recommends that the content be reviewed by an attorney knowledgeable about local, state, and federal wage and hour laws and other employment-related laws that apply to the hiring entity and the employment jurisdiction. These samples are provided for illustrative purposes only. ALTA is not a joint employer with any entities or persons who use any part of the samples and disclaims any liability to any entities or persons who may choose to rely on or otherwise use the samples that are available through these links.

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Human Resources Samples

Career Fair Experience Guide [M]
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Statement [M]
Behavioral Interviewing Questions [M]
New Hire Checklist [M]
Employee Engagement Survey Guidance [M]
Engagement Survey Question Bank [M]
Stay Interview Guidance [M]
Stay Interview Question Bank [M]
Exit Interview Guidance [M]
Exit Interview Question Bank [M]
Employee Exit Checklist [M]

Sample Job Descriptions and Advertisements

Administrative Assistant [M]
Administrative Assistant - Sample Ad [M]
Agency Manager [M]
Agency Manager - Sample Ad [M]
Assistant Operations Manager [M]
Billing Clerk [M]
Billing Clerk - Sample Ad [M]
Bookkeeper [M]
Bookkeeper - Sample Ad [M]
Branch Manager [M]
Business Development [M]
Compliance Officer [M]
Compliance Officer - Sample Ad [M]
Courier/Messenger [M]
Courier/Messenger - Sample Ad [M]
Customer Service Representative [M]
Department Supervisor [M]
Director of Sales [M]
Escrow Assistant [M]
Escrow Assistant - Sample Ad [M]
Escrow Officer [M]
Escrow Officer - Sample Ad [M]
Examiner [M]
Examiner - Sample Ad [M]
File Clerk [M]
File Clerk - Sample Ad [M]
Human Resources Administrator [M]
Human Resources Administrator - Sample Ad [M]
Internal Auditor [M]
Internal Auditor - Sample Ad [M]
IT Manager [M]
IT Systems Administrator [M]
Order Entry Clerk [M]
Order Entry Clerk - Sample Ad [M]
Policy Typist [M]
Policy Typist - Sample Ad [M]
Receptionist [M]
Receptionist - Sample Ad [M]
Recording Specialist [M]
Regional Sales Manager [M]
Sales Manager [M]
Sales Manager - Sample Ad [M]
Sales Representative [M]
Sales Representative - Sample Ad [M]
Sales Support [M]
Searcher [M]
Searcher - Sample Ad [M]
Title Assistant [M]
Title Assistant - Sample Ad [M]
Title Manager [M]
Title Officer [M]
Title Officer - Sample Ad [M]
Transaction Coordinator [M]
Word Processor [M]
Word Processor - Sample Ad [M]
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