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Social Media Marketing Calendar

Social Media Marketing is one of the most direct and cost-effective ways a small company can reach consumers and customers. The HOP Committee has created a full year of marketing content for ALTA members to use on their social media feeds utilizing some of our best consumer marketing resources we have developed.

This calendar is meant for you to use how you would like, you can go month-by-month or à la carte In each month you will find a photo inspiration board curated by the committee, that will take you to a stock photography site if you need to purchase images or just need some direction for visuals.

  1. January - Audience: Consumers
  2. February - Audience - Consumers
  3. March - Audience - Consumers
  4. April - Audience - Consumers
  5. May - Audience - Consumers
  6. June - Audience -  REALTORS®
  7. July - Audience – REALTORS®
  8. August - Audience – Consumers
  9. September - Audience – Consumers
  10. October - Audience – Consumers
  11. November - Audience - REALTORS®
  12. December - Audience – Consumers

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