ALTA hosts timely and insightful webinars on issues important to title insurance professionals. You can find out more information about upcoming webinars and gain access to previous webinar recordings.

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Latest Webinar Recordings

To JV or Not to JV: That Is the Question
September 27, 2023
ALTA Insights: Why Cyber Insurance is Non-negotiable for the Title Industry
September 13, 2023
ALTA Insights: Your Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing Success
August 16, 2023
ALTA Insights: The Need for Zero Trust Security
August 2, 2023
ALTA Insights: The Risks of Unregulated Title Alternatives
July 26, 2023
ALTA Insights: You’ve Been Subpoenaed, Now What?
July 12, 2023
ALTA Insights: Pros and Cons of Today’s Technology
June 21, 2023
ALTA Insights: Easy Marketing Design for Beginners
June 14, 2023
ALTA Insights: What to Expect at ALTA Advocacy Summit
May 3, 2023

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